Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Truths

I wonder if it's a good sign that October has arrived in such a lovely way in my part of the world.  I hope so.
Beautiful colored leaves are drifting to the ground just the way they're supposed to. A warmth is in the air, with a hint of cool underneath, perfect for sweaters and high boots.

Fall. I really do love it, even though it's followed by winter and winter is well. Cold. And Dark.

September was a month of getting back to routines. Swimming and school for Superson and back to writing for me.  I'm working on my adult romance trilogy now and having a blast with it. I hope to release the first two right after Christmas, along with a free companion story about a mysterious woman who ties the romance stories all together, brewing up magical coffee meant to bring lovers together at The Incanto Café.

The romances are sweet but with complicated characters. The characters always have to run a little dark and twisty when Janet Gurtler writes them. WINK WINK.

It's contemporary romance with a twist of magical realism. And it involves coffee. Wonderful magical coffee that may or may not bring troubled souls together. Mmmm. Coffee.

The first story is Sedona and Samuel's. It's hard to tell which one needs the other more but their lives are both complicated and plagued by dark secrets they keep from the world. Will they be able to trust in each  other and find the love they deserve, or will doubts and darkness keep them apart?

I'll post more when the stories are ready! Lots to be done before then. Like finishing them!

Later this month I'll be REVEALING the new cover for my APRIL 2015 YA Release, THE TRUTH ABOUT US! The first reveal will happen on the wonderful Jennifer Brown's blog as part of  The 2014 YA Contemporary Scavenger Hunt!

As part of the hunt I'll be hosting Jenny Hubbard, the author of AND WE STAY.  I can't wait to read this one, it's being moved to the top of my always HUGE To Be Read list. I'll read it before Jenny is here, why don't you join me!!!

Check back soon!

Happy Autumn!!!

Love Janet





  1. Coffee is always good, right? Autumn came beautifully in my corner, too!

    1. Coffee mmmmm. I really do love autumn, it's just....winter.

  2. Love the sound of the romance trilogy!! <3

    1. Thanks for saying so. I wrote a (whispers) sex scene the other day and it's so much more racy than my YA. EEK