Friday, June 6, 2014

16 Things About 16 Things

1.       In Chapter Seven there’s a carving on the table in the staff room. It says JM+LG. That’s me and my husband. (my maiden name is MacLeod) Awww. Isn't that sweet?

2.       A hospital in the book is named after my niece, Marcede Grace

3.       I stayed at a Hostel in Victoria, BC when I was in my early twenties. (as the three do on their road trip)

4.       I came up with the idea of doing a road trip to Canada from Seattle when I was at ALA for a conference

5.       Morgan’s brother’s car is my husband’s car- a 442 Cutlass. I am happy to report however that he does not have fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view like the one in the book does

6.       My editor made me cut the scene in the taxi cab way down (when Morgan goes to visit her dad) because she thought he was acting creepy

7.       I got the idea about her obsession with twitter followers from being on twitter

8.       Fredrick the Chihuahua and Aunt Allie from WHO I KISSED make a brief cameo in this book!
9. I  love hashtags a lot.  I think everyday life should have hashtags

10.   When I subbed the book to my editor it was called, Because of You. I suck at titles.  None of my titles have made it to the published book.

11.   Amy is based on someone I met and I loved the quirk and talking with a filter so much I had to make her into a character.  She’s more quirky on the page of course

12.   On a less happy note, one of the writing friends who I acknowledged in the end of the book, passed away from cancer before the book got published.  Leslie Carmichael was a little bit Amy and she is missed.

13.   There was an earlier version of the cover that followed the circle pattern of my past books and it was really nice, but I like the  new direction and think it portrays what the book is about better

14.   Libby Sally (the doctor) is one of my friends who told me she wanted to be a character in my book. So I made her the doctor. She was very happy

15.   I dedicated this book to a book blogger, Jean Vallatros. She hung out with me at ALA in Seattle when the book was coming together, and she said something that made me want to dedicate the book to her. Her name is spelled wrong. :(

16.   Josh’s Movemeber mustache mentioned in the book came to me when a friend of mine grew one in November. He wore 70’s sunglasses and rocked the 70’s vibe the entire month (to raise money for Prostate Cancer) and I thought it was admirable, but also very hilarious



  1. I have to go back and read #16 Things and look out for the Fredrick and Aunt Allie cameo. Also at BEA I totally asked if you were coming out with anything soonish (I need another book for my JG addiction) and nothing this season. Sigh. I guess I have to wait :)

  2. I love the circle patterns on your books! But I guess the author is always right. Thanks for the little behind the scene facts!

    1. I think it's more that the publisher is always right. ;)

  3. Since I live in Vancouver, I laughed at several things about the trip, including the round-about route taken to the ferry.

    ...and the ferry... the guy who let them on? that guy is pure fiction ;) almost 8 years of taking the ferry twice a month, and several very serious emergency family things... yeah, no breaks on cutting the line, even with a reservation.

    I really enjoyed this book, and it was fun to see a bit of Vancouver/Victoria, even the ferry which I grew to curse.

    It would be neat to see an Alberta-based story too, since I lived in Calgary & Airdrie for a couple of years.

    Oh, and one thing I was curious about (sorry, small picky thing), Amy says in the bags of snacks she brought Skittles, but then later they're eating Smarties... did I read that wrong?

    1. Hi. Sorry to reply so late. That Smartie, Skittle thing was probably a typo or error. Blush. These things do slip in. Like there are actually 17 things listed in the book. :O

      Funny about the Ferry. I did have a friend who got on a Ferry for an emergency. it was the tears that did it. ha ha.