Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Actually, there's no blood. But I was lazy when I was title thinking and went with the rather obvious U2 reference. Lame. Yes. I admit it. I embrace it.  The lame. Some days we are all made of lame.

So here I am, sitting around on a coolish Sunday morning. The hubster is out of town, the almost teen is upstairs playing Minecraft (the person who invented Minecraft must be living in a mansion right)  and the chubby Chihuahua is napping on the couch beside. me. He snores by the way. Chronically.

Any who, I'm doing my usual cruise through my social networking places and suddenly had an urge to babble-blog. I thought about working on the novel I'm working on, but didn't feel the vibe. And since it's Sunday, I don't have to if I don't want to. Ha. I l like that.  And I passed by my blog as I surfed the net (is that totally an old phrase now or what) and realize I never just babble anymore like I used to. Um. A few YEARS ago. So here I am. Babbling about nothing. No book shouting, promo yelling stuff. Just me and randomness.

So. September is closing down.

Fact. I am almost DONE my Christmas shopping. It's kind of easy for me because I only have one child and he's almost a teenager and a swimmer so most of his gifts now kind of have a theme. Swim stuff to be exact. That's what happens when you become a teenager. Your gifts get PRACTICAL.

I online shopped for my away presents so pretty much only have the hubster left. And since we're building a house that we'll be moving into in the Spring. Um. He's getting a tree.  A tree CERTIFICATE to be exact. That he can cash in at Spring time. I can share this because he has, to my knowledge, never set his eyes on this blog, and I feel pretty safe.  See how I did that. Bought him something we NEED but made it personal. It will always be HIS tree. The one he got for Christmas.

Summer went by way fast this year. It was a good summer. I hung out with my son at the cabin for almost a month and it was nice. We had friends out on and off, and we boated on hub's boat, and life felt pretty good. I've never made much of a secret of how much I HATE the cabin, but this year it was actually kind of nice.

I am a spoiled brat for hating the cabin, I know that, but please understand I never had any desire to build a cabin. My husband wanted to. And suddenly we were. Building a friggin cabin. And we have to drive 8 hours to get there and 8 hours to get home and it is a MONEY PIT. Also, please remember I don't even like cleaning and cooking at one house never mind a house AND A CABIN.  And then there was the painting and cleaning and building and driving and blah blah blah. Well. That is what marriage is sometimes. Compromise.

And now we have this lovely cabin, which is much nicer now that it's DONE. Well. Almost done. Which will probably be a permanent state. Still. Just for the record. Not my favorite. Every holiday is, yes, you guessed it. The cabin.  I wish I loved it more. I wish I did. But I don't.

Anyhow, never meant to go off on that tangent. Christmas shopping to cabin hating. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?

Anyhow. Babbling has been fun. Now I have to get ready for the day. A fun day. Swim banquet for Superson. Hubby home tonight. Maybe a run. Sunday. Le sigh.

Until the next babble session urge strikes....have a great Sunday. And a great life all 'round.
Over. Out.

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