Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Have You Ever Kissed A Stranger? Write It!

I am finally, finally feeling caught up with my life these days. The summer, she was a busy one, with HOW I LOST you revisions gobbling up lots of the sunshiney hours. That's not a complaint! I loved writing it and I'm really happy with the (almost final) results. The cover for HOW I LOST YOU is amazing of my faves. I can't wait to share it. 


Now it's time to focus on WHO I KISSED. Which comes out October 1st. Which is...a month away...GASP!!!!!!!!!

I am super double duper excited about this book, with the inspiration coming from my son and it's kind of (in a very odd way) a book I wrote for him. My son has a peanut allergy and nut allergies and asthma, as does the boy in the book. Alex. Sweet Alex. Handsome Alex.  Who Samantha kisses. A virtual stranger.

Which leads me to a CONTEST!!!!


Open to everyone, this is a chance to write a scene that tells about a time when you kissed a stranger.  Have you ever done that? If you haven't, by all means, make it up.  Write about a guy you wanted to kiss. Or should have kissed. Whatever it is, tell me who you kissed! *Please keep it pretty mild, remember I am a mother of a soon to be teenager (ha ha ha) I can handle a little steam but we're talking age appropriate people! Make me feel something. Happy? Sad? Angry? All emotions count.

You can send your entries to
Word Count Limit-  1000 words.

I will close the contest on September 30 at 12:00pm MST. 

I will read all entries and select the winner and publish the post on my website on October 1!

The winner will receive a gift basket filled with prizes like...

Jelly Belly's
A copy of WHO I KISSED
Swim Goggles

Jelly Belly's !

So get writing and send me your entry before September 30, 2012.


  1. Janet,
    I got an advanced copy of Who I Kissed at the SCBWI conference in LA this past August. I read it on the plane ride back home. So good!

    I wish you luck on the release Oct 1!

    Would you mind letting me know what your word count was? I'm writing my first YA novel and wanted to know what a normal wordcount was.
    Thank you for your help!


  2. Thanks so much for letting me know!!

    THe word count for this book was about 74,000 words. I wouldn't worry too much about word count. Good luck with your YA!!