Thursday, June 7, 2012

Waz up.

I don't know if anyone is actually reading this, but just in case.....

Popping in for a quick update on all things Janet. 

First off I must confess that I have dandelions on my lawn. And brown patches in my grass.  And I'm more concerned because of what my neighbours think than the actual problem itself, but must resolve that soon.

I am frantically writing to finish a new YA book called HOW I LOST YOU for mid July. That scares me saying the date. It will come up soon. Yes. Yes it will. That is consuming most of my time and it will get crazier as the month goes on.

My fridge died. How rude of it. And inconvenient. They do not make appliances like they used they?

Swim season is wrapping up for super son. Confession. Son is trying out for the Summer Games which occurs while I will be in California for the RWA Nationals. So I'm hoping he doesn't make it as it will complicate all my plans. Shhhhh. Don't tell him that.

I am going to California twice this month. How cool is that! Once for ALA. My first time at ALA! And once for RWA Nationals.  And then I get to holiday in WINNIPEG for a few days. Which is actually quite beautiful in the summer, thank  you very much.

Most of August we will be in BC. Finishing up the cabin. Yes. You read it correctly. Finishing. Oh, it's been a long, long haul. Thank GOODNESS it will be done soon. You have NO idea!

Happy June!!! Hope all is well in YOUR world.


  1. Just wanted to say hi, and yes, someone has read this! ;)

    Also I got my ARC of 'Who I Kissed' in the mail yesterday - thanks again!!

  2. Well, Janet, already two people are reading your post. Best wishes.