Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco De Snowa

That's one of the things about living in Calgary, Canada. It snows all the friggin time. Well. Not all the time, but we're never really all that surprised if we get snow in May (like today) or even snow in July (yeah, it can happen)

It's not cold all the time. We had a pretty mild winter. That was awesome. I guess it makes the sunny days better? Bring on the real Spring weather. We are more than ready for it in these here parts!

So. Not a lot of blogging from this YA dude. I am busy writing a new book to a quickly approaching deadline. It has paintball. Girls who play paintball.  I am loving the main character. Her name is Grace and she's gentle in some ways, but fierce in others. The story is about the unraveling of her friendship with her best friend over the summer before senior year.The pain of losing your best friend who you'll always love, but can no longer afford to be with.  Poor Grace! 

Have you ever lost a best friend? It hurts. Sometime even more than breaking up with a boyfriend!

So, WHO I KISSED is officially done!! Arcs should be making their way out into the world soon. I even got my first professional review from Kirkus, the notoriously cranky reviewers. And it's actually pretty darn good. They called it A TOUCHING STORY. I like that. I want it to be touching. There should be lots of touching. Touching is good. I hope you like WHO I KISSED. I am officially in love with the cover. So colorful and bright! Love love love.

I'll be in Anaheim at ALA 2012 signing copies ( FRIDAY NIGHT of the CONFERENCE) If you are going to ALA PLEASE come and see me. I will ply you with chocolate. Have you ever heard about the authors who are afraid no one will show up for their signings. Yes. I could stand in that line-up.  Mmm. Chocolate!

I also get to talk on a panel with other SOURCEBOOK authors. Sourcebook has some seriously great YA books coming out.  Such a fabulous company to work with. Run by a woman. An amazingly brilliant and progressive woman at that. Go Sourcebooks!

Okay. Back to Saturday stuff.  Just wanted to pop in a line or two to let anyone who stumbles across this blog know I am still very much alive and well!

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!


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