Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sister Questions....

Oh hello my neglected blog. Can I get you something? A drink? A snack? You've been left all alone out in cyber space with no one to keep you company.

I suck as a blogger. That much is clear. But I have been out and about in the social media world. I spend way too much time on twitter and facebook. True true true.

So things are moving along with WHO I KISSED. I love my publisher Sourcebooks so much and they keep playing with the cover, trying to get it just right. I am gushing over the newest tweaks. Gushing I tell you. I am a fan of white tank tops. I would wear them everyday. Well. With a sweater or blazer now that I'm kind of past the days of having awesome arms. But still. LOVE THEM.  (you can sing the capitalized words in your head or out loud if you'd like)

Another thing. I am looking for a girls to tell me what they LOVE best about having a sister. What they HATE about having a sister. Or. If they don't, why they WISH they had a sister. Call it book research. Because that's what is is.

Anyone want to give a few answers? There is no wrong answer.  Just would like to hear from others.

Thanks and hope March is treating everyone well. I am waiting for winter to end. Bring on SPRING. My favorite season.

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  1. I love having a sister. I am a sister, as opposed to being a brother, which would probably change one's perspective. I am the younger sister by four years, yet the two of us are close. When my sister went away to college in California, I was 15. My school was having a swimming party and I wanted to go but had no swimsuit. My sister sent me hers. We've lived in different cities most of our lives, but we telephone and visit. Now that we're older, we share memories -- which is helpful when one of us forgets -- and we share a concern for our mother's welfare.