Monday, November 21, 2011

Warning. More Writer Deadline Confessions.

When writing a new book, once in a magical while (usually at the beginning when brains are enamoured with  new shiny stories) it sometimes seems like it's the best thing ever written by anyone ever. There may be laughing out loud while writing, there may be tears as characters suffer. These moments are usually replaced by fear that this is the most horrible drivel ever conceived and that the editor will rip up the contract and block email when she receives her first copy of the manuscript.  There may have to be intervention from other writers.

Thinking about people especially professional reviewers reading your work at this stage can only cause major carbohydrate binging. It is best avoided.

Even when it doesn't look an author on deadline is working. She is. She's watching and thinking and contemplating the way real life scenarios or conversation bits might be useful in books. She`s thinking about what her characters are doing and why. She`s wondering how she can make that person more alive. All this is secretly done while driving, eating, talking, watching our children play sports and even sleeping.

An author on deadline secretly wishes that everyone could just stop needing her for a couple weeks. Going away to a secluded room with wifi and coffee and snacks seems like the best idea. Ever. And a personal maid would be awesome too. The author still loves her family and her dog, she just wishes they could function without her for a couple weeks.

Coffee and pop become food staples.  Exercise seems much less important in the whole scheme of things.

Daily chores are really aggravating. And often aren`t done. Laundry starts to breed and multiply.

Google becomes a writer`s best friend. Real friends are only communicated with on Twitter, Facebook or in a real emergency, by email.

Worry. There is lots of worry. And hope. Lots of that too.

Happy writing!!


  1. Exactly!! Good luck with all of that. Your work is marvelous, so don't worry. Hoping to be in touch soon, so we can finally post that interview, both my reviews, and do a giveaway.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Hey there! This is a bit off topic, but I just read your study guides. Awesome! How I wish I had such interesting questions and subject material when I was in school. I'm sure there's benefits to reading Silas Marner and The Mill on the Floss, but srsly, too much! Anyway, I think anyone who's read the books will enjoy these, and find additional pleasure in thinking about the questions raised. My favorite? Did you feel differently about Nick and the contest after the discussion at the dance? If only Tess had a friend like Jackson to help her look beyond the surface of things.

  3. Hee! Fred I should totally write a story with Tess hooking up with Jackson. Except Clark would be sad.