Friday, October 1, 2010


I have a weird thing about the term "fan" when it comes to authors. Particularly when authors call their readers, their "fans."

I guess it's appropriate to call yourself a fan of an author, if that's how you think of yourself. But what if the author calls you a fan because you like his or her books? Is it okay?

I myself am a fan of many writers. Judy Blume, J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, Jody Picoult. Of course, they are prime examples of authors who have many adoring fans. They are literary superstars. So while yes, I do consider myself a fan, to me "fan" almost means that the authors I'm "fanning" over are larger than life and at a level I aspire to, but in all likelihood will never achieve. Stephanie Myers has legions of fans. (Of course poor Stephanie also has many nay sayers and many more of "anti-fans" in her world too. Say what you want, the girl can write a good story.)

But what about authors of smaller books. Authors who haven't yet reached that level. Should they call their readers "fans" too? Is it offensive, or just a little presumptuous?

I would feel really awkward calling anyone who wrote me a nice email or said nice things to me about my first book, a "fan". It makes me feel creepy and self-conscious, like I am bragging and kind of full of myself. Is it just me? Is it tied to the belief I somehow acquired during my upbringing that bragging about yourself isn't appropriate?

Let it be known I have nothing against authors who call their readers fans. In all likelihood, they probably are and identify with that term.

I just find it awkward personally.

And that is all. Until later.

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