Thursday, July 22, 2010


Covers are terribly exciting and terribly scary for authors. Every author wants a cover that they LOVE, because after all it is the face of the book, and despite the cliche, many many people judge a book by it's cover! And since books are kind of like our non squishy babies, we have to hug them, stare at them, pet them and sometimes even kiss them (when no one is looking of course)So cover love is a very good thing.

So how LUCKY am I that Sourcebooks has created not one by FOUR awesome covers for The Weight of Bones, covers that potential readers can now vote on for their fave! (answer= VERY lucky)

I am not choosing which one I like the best yet, even though there may be one calling my name more than the others, because I want to love the chosen one the best. I can't really go wrong, can I?

So. Go here
Which one is your fave?? Which one will WIN. Can't wait to see!!!!

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